Dolce Vita en Ponte Vedra

My people,
This past week went by rather quickly. The work front was quite busy and I am happy to report I survived my first calling campaign. We released the applications for our Pebble Beach event last week so Bethanny (my intern) and I were given the task of calling all 200 Chapters to inform them that the application for the most anticipated event of the year was finally out. Sounds exciting huh?
We joke around that Bethanny is my intern because sometimes I have so many projects that I have to call her to help me with busy work like scanning, filing, labeling, etc. You know, intern stuff!

Speaking of work...the internship is going great. I get to play employee golf twice a week and we get all the free coffee, tea, coke and Dasani water we want at the office...woohoo...But in all seriousness, I'm meeting key people in the industry and trying to learn from the best. Laura is very good at her job and an awesome boss. I can honestly say she's the best employer I've ever had the pleasure of working for/with. She's professional, organized, detailed and very respected among her colleagues. A very good role model for females looking to establish a career in the non-profit side of the golf industry. Looks like I'm finally moving up in the world.
Oka enough of the work stuff, lets move into the fun part of the week...the WEEKEND! This time our "inner circle" took a day trip to Amelia Island for some kayaking along the intercoastal waterways. We kayaked for about 1.5 hrs until we reached a sandbar where a few dolphins came out and played with us. Then we headed back to the mainland, but this time against the current...The return trip felt like we kayaked for 80 hours. It was rough. I didn't think some of us were going to make it. Four hours on a kayak feels like a lifetime...but it was sooo worth it!
Here are some visuals:

The Dream Team...don't we look so happy? Our expressions were not the same on the return trip...The tandems getting the basics of kayaking
Safety first...
I'm not in the picture because I was probably making sure my cooler fit in my kayak
Leah and Brandon

On our way...
They got stuck in the mud so Brandon had to help pull them out...
Another week for the books. All in all good times were had. Perhaps the highlight of my week was reminiscing about movies of our childhood-The Goonies, Sister Act 2, Blank Check, Hook, Cool Runnings, Clueless and Little Giants. Love those! If you think of any others please comment...my roommate Emily has not seen any of the above (deprived childhood we assume) so we are making a list of movies she needs to watch before the summer ends.
Holiday weekend coming up! Yours truly will head up to the ATL for the highly anticipated Duke-Jackson wedding. I'm excited to see my little friend in her wedding dress...I will keep you posted!
Ciao for now.


  1. Take lots of great pictures of Jessica!!

  2. We didn't ever watch the movies that I was deprived of! Guess we are too busy dancing and night away or wine-ing down!! :)