One of the main things I've learned from living in the USA is the fact that you do not take a perfect weather weekend for granted. En el Caribe esto no nos importa tantisimo porque el clima tropical nos permite tener dias preciosos todo el a~o. Aca si el dia esta bonito "no te vayas hacer compra".

But as much as I love the beach, there were other things going on in town on Saturday morning so I decided to take advantage of the "every third Saturday of the month" Nocatee Farmers Market AND the Riverside Arts Market. Spring was in the air and so were the strollers...so many families...it was crazy! Nevertheless, we supported the community by purchasing produce from our local growers. Baby eggplant and buttercup lettuce were two of the featured items in my green bag. They had tons of fresh goodies and I happened to snap pics along the way.

Brussel Sprouts! 
Orchid man!
Homemade sodas

After scarfing down a signature apple strudel from the dude with the weird accent and at the request of mi padre, I ventured downtown to attended the Jacksonville Orchid show at the Jacksonville Garden Club. Yes, I was the youngest person there by far. But apparently I must have looked very official looking at the flora because people kept trying to ask me questions regarding orchids. I am by no means an expert, I'm pretty sure the only one I have is on it's last leg. I snapped a few pics there too...
But of course an awesome weekend like this would not be complete without some playa action...Here are some snaps of the beach. Our Saturday mimosas made it on the collage as well, they were just so pretty (and tasty) I couldn't resist.
oh yeah, and I used the buttercup lettuce to make tuna wraps. Turned out to be a great lunch, super easy to make too! I'm thinking this will be a regular item on my work lunch menu this week, minus the beer and flask. 

Hope your weekend was as fun as mine...I'm super excited to whip up a nice meal with my mini eggplants, I'll be sure to post pics. On another note, can you believe we're in the middle of March? This year is flying by...be sure to make the best out of every day, even if it sucks. "Siempre hay alguien mas jodio que uno..."



Life Lately...at least according to my Nikon

I know, I know...I've been M.I.A for a while, but I'm back!! Back to blogging...or at least back to posting pictures of what I've done and where I've been. In short, the past few weeks have been go go go...and to be honest, I like being on the move. It keeps time from going stale and what the heck, it's always nice to visit with old friends.

After Orlando with the Campos, my friend Lindsey ventured over from Athens to Jax and spent President's Day weekend at my casa. The weather didn't exactly cooperate with us, but we still managed to hit the outdoors...

 Ready to roll on the airboat

 15 minutes later...face splattered in mud #airboatstunts

The awkward moment when you are forced to take a group picture with random people.

 St. Aug

 Thank you Abbey for scaring away the pigeons...Lindsey was freaking out (she's not a big fan of birds)

What's St. Augustine without a little wine tasting at The Gifted Cork?

But all good things have to come to an end so after an action packed weekend, Lindsey peaced out on Monday. I worked at the office on Tuesday and Wednesday morning I drove down to Tampa for our East Territory Meetings. The meetings were a great way to refocus and come back in the office ready to "impact, influence, and inspire". But it can't be all work...Here's a bit of what goes on in the evenings, after the meetings.

Ladies night at Blue Martini, then again, every night is ladies night in Tampa

Puertoricans are everywhere!! Eduar stopped by for a few drinks...love this dude!! 

Once the meetings culminated I decided to stay in Tampa through the weekend and visit with my good friend Jessica and her lovely family. I mean seriously, how adorable is baby A? This 8-month-old rocks!! Not only is she adorable, she also loves to smile & play, sleeps all night and thanks to my baby whisperer skills she is now a HUGE fan of Laura Diaz : )

Look at the curiosity in that sweet face* I miss her

 Laura Diaz is here..yeiii...so much attention!

Me so flexible...

Hey mom...I like her camera! 

Thanks J & B for introducing me to new restaurants, boutiques, and board games. As always, good times were had in Tampa. 

After almost a week out of the office it was time jump back in the saddle, but not for long. Before I knew it, the weekend rolled around and it was time to head down to the islita for yet another PR Open. In the blink of an eye that week came and went. Crazy how time flies, but there was never a dull moment. PR Open pics coming soon...off to bed now.