Cubicle Chronicles Vol. 1

Hey peeps!! Oka so every now and then I will share some internship anecdotes with you...Here goes my first:
Oka so today as I sat peacefully at my desk my worst nightmare came true! My boss asked me to calculate ratios and percentages of ethnicity and gender for a project we are working on. She asked me to do math....math! You guys know very well math is not one of my strong points.
I automatically freaked out but maintained my cool because I did not want her to sense my fear. To top things off my Internet was down so I wasn't able to google percentages and ratios. I felt like I was taking the GRE all over again! I was even being timed because she needed those numbers for a meeting in like 15 mins.
Anyways, I took a few deep breaths, sucked it up, kept a straight face, used some brain activity and jumped right into those numbers. Fifteen minutes and lots of scribbling later I reported the numbers successfully!! I'm glad to report that I overcame my fear of ratios and percentages. I even overachieved and gave her more numbers than what she really needed...wheeww, it was a close call!
Miss u guys!! xoxo
Peace out,


Always an intern

Mi gente!! Que es la q?? Tanto tiempo...lo se..lo se...
I've been everywhere in the past two weeks but now that I'm semi settled into my new home for the summer let me tell you what's up.
To make a long story short, in 13 days I traveled to like 8 different places. After finals (can you believe I'm done with my first year of grad school? Crazy! Oka back on track)I drove from Athens to Atlanta where I boarded a plane to Jacksonville...after JAX we drove to Orlando and took a plane to PR where I went to Aguadilla and then drove back to San Juan to board another plane to Atlanta. We then drove to Chattanooga to see Herbie and my friend Paulette's new baby (who may I add is totally cute). After Chattanooga I drove to Atlanta to drop my mom off at the airport...after dropping her off I drove back to Athens to pack my stuff and drive down to Jacksonville the following day. Six hours and numerous rebel flags later I arrived in North Florida.
First day of work went by smoothly. The office is bigger than I expected...I met tons of very nice people though, but don't ask me anybody's name yet. Oh yea and I'm in a cubicle for the first time in my life. But I can't complain, the building itself is located on World Golf Village, right next to the World Golf Hall of Fame which is pretty cool.
I got an e-mail today with the information on my permanent summer residence...looks nice on the website...it's right on Ponte Vedra Beach so I will have some sort of playa close by this summer...yeiii! The spreadsheet sent by the TOUR indicated that there will be 3 of us living in apt. 917, however each apartment has 2 rooms with two twin sized beds in them. I wonder how they pick who gets to be in the room alone? If it's by seniority I think I win. Also, I haven't slept in a twin sized bed since the dorm life back in '03. I think they should pick by size. Biggest/tallest person gets their own room. I would win that category as well. But like Rosita said, it could be worst, there could be 4 people living there.
So I'm an intern again...I guess sometimes you have to take a step back to keep moving forward. Gotta do what you gotta do in this life. Parking, babysitting, trash pick-up, data entry...bring it! I worked at the PRGA for two years, after that you're pretty much set for anything that comes at you. And when I say anything, I mean ANYTHING. I think everyone should work at the PRGA for at least a week. That's all you need, a week. It can be the most irritatingly ungratifying yet rewarding work experience you will ever have. Never thought I would say that, but yes...rewarding!

Stayed tuned my peeps...I have a feeling this will be an interesting summer.

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