To Life!

I've watched this video over and over...This is what weddings are all about - good times! Enjoy!

This is the wedding party's rendition of Fiddler on the Roof's "To Life". L'Chaim is a Hebrew toast meaning "to life"...Lin Manuel (the groom) is the Tony Award winning actor who wrote In The Heights, one of my all time favorite Broadway shows. They did an awesome job, but I'm guessing they must have had some damn good choreographers and maybe one or two actors in that bunch. Either way, great way to celebrate LIFE!


Bonvoyage Sandwich

Last day at Royal St. Georges's...

Right now I'm chillin inside the clubhouse, it's freezing today!

Join me for a cup of coffee...
Patricia is off watching the leaders with the united nations (her friends from Estonia, Norway, Slovenia, Jamaica, Czech Republic, and Italy). After all, this is what events like these are all about. I've been to a lot of golf competitions and this one sits on top as one of the best events junior golf has to offer. Sandra and her team did an awesome job this week! I mean these people know how to get the job done right.

United Nations
Proof that I was actually there and not in my apartment in Georgia making up crazy stories
This week was like stepping back in time...Links golf, lots of walking, pot bunkers, fescue, no bathrooms on the golf course (it slows down play), meat pies, dinner at a table that holds about 50 with the Duke at a castle, announcements that begin with the phrase "your royal highness"...I could get used to this, however I could live without the meat pie part.

Funny story: I sit down to have lunch about an hour ago- lasagna which looked/tasted more like a meat pie with pasta. Anyway back to my point - I also had chips on the plate (nutritious meal huh?) which looked really good and I was so excited to dip them in some ketchup. As I get ready to start the ketchup action, the Duke steps in and snatches the bottle from my table!!!

Does anyone know what the proper etiquette is for a situation like this?

It's been fun reporting from Sandwich - thanks for stopping by.



Your Royal Highness - Dinner is served

Tonight, the official tournament dinner was hosted by HRH The Duke of York at Leeds Castle. He was delighted to see me, it had been a while. The Queen sends her regards.

Hey Duke - sorry about the flash but I had to get a pic of you talking to my kid!
Mingling with the kidos

Henry VIII Dining Room
This is where the Duke gave his speech and said "Two years ago it was just a few of us in a small room having dinner...now we have to rent out bloody castles to accommodate you all."

One of the junior golfers from Belgium spoke on behalf of the participants and she did an amazing job. Great camaraderie going on this week with the kids. On Sunday they were strangers and by today they are all BFF's, chatting it up at dinner and singing Lady Gaga on the way to the golf course (for moments like these Apple invented the iPod).


Swift Breeze

Round 1 at Royal St. George's is in the books ladies & gents. And let me tell you, it was a tough day out there. I mean probably one of the toughest conditions I've ever experienced. It was links golf at its finest. Wind was blowing about 35mph, skies were nice and gray, but thankfully the rain held out for us. When I arrived at the golf course this morning I could barely stand, I had about 3 layers on and my hat almost flew off my head. Apparently this was mild wind, "a swift breeze madam" is what the greenskeeper called it to be exact.

There's Patricia on the second hole - her hat flying off

The tournament is a mixed format so there she is walking along with Thomas from Portugal
Check out the flagstick on this one
Pull cart smashed to the ground on the 9th as she teed off...
Photo of the day

I didn't ring a bell - such a rebel! nottt...



Pure Links

This week I'm reporting live from Sandwich, Kent, UK. Sandwich is home to Royal St. Georges's Golf Club...England's equivalent to Scotland's St. Andrews. To put things in Layman's terms, it's a really really old (ancient to be exact) prestigious golf course that hasn't changed much since it was established in 1887. It's pretty much a "gentlemen only" club so women aren't allowed in many places inside the clubhouse, but they're making an exception this week. Someone must be rolling over in their grave.

Oh and golf shoes aren't permitted inside the clubhouse - they let me grab food but I had to eat outside in the patio. It was nicer outside though, it was kind of stuffy in the dining room. The lady who told us we couldn't eat inside the hundred year old dining room almost had a heart attack when she saw us coming in with spikes. Everyone is very polite here, so she was very nice about it. I'll be bringing an extra pair of shoes tomorrow.

Patricia: Laura, where do I hit it?
Laura: I guess straight ahead...

Massive bunker on the second hole
White Cliffs of Dover on the other side
Fun fact: Sandwich is the town where the actual sandwich was invented. John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich told his servant to put a piece of meat between two buns so he could move on with his gambling game. True story...or rumor perhaps. Either way, pretty interesting.

Here's our drivers diligently shining those BMW's
That's it for now...will check back in with you guys tomorrow.



You've got (real) mail

So this month I received 2 postcards in the mail! How cool is that? I'm talking about actual postcards - the handwritten kind. I'm so glad my good friends took the time to write something cool and remember me while they were on vacation or simply in their hometown. This totally made my week! I mean how nice does it feel to open the mailbox and see something in there aside from dust, coupons and bills?

I know it sounds corny but I love getting mail, especially unexpected handwritten cards. Go ahead - let your friends know you care about them and write them a short note. It only takes a few minutes to make someones week, month or even year : )

Cheers (pretend I'm saying this in a British accent)!


En el mar la vida es mas SABROSA

Aqui comparto con ustedes unas fotos tomadas el Domingo en pleno mar Caribe.


Diaz Geek Compound

So I came home today to find this complicated piece of technology in the family room. He's my dad's new favorite toy. Everyone, meet Logitech...the smart remote.

Logitech joins his fellow remote familia - It's like Buzz Lightyear meets Woody & Co.