Sneak Peek - Big Sur

Everyone should take this drive along the Pacific Coast Highway at some point in their lives...



As I sit here waiting for my massive pile of laundry to magically disappear and show up clean inside my closet and drawers, it dawned on me that I have been neglecting my blog. An update is long overdue...Here goes!

During the past month or so I...

Randomly made breakfast for a friend

Celebrated my 28th...wearing sunglasses at night

 Enjoyed yummy cake

Had drinks with the girls

Drank wine al fresco

Had Kilwins, in a waffle cone, of course!

Walked around St. Augustine after work

Played a few holes

Had a visit from my bro

Celebrated another friends 20something

Enjoyed a much needed 11-7 day at the beach

Savored a bottle of wine on my newly decorated porch...

Experimented with this lovely bday gift


Attended Camp Ponte Vedra featuring Lunch Plans? Live @ THE PLAYERS

Creeped up on people wearing the bunny head

Shopped for wedding dresses #stillcantbelieveit

Did not follow rules (read above)

Enjoyed my mamasitas awesome coffee...que Starbucks ni Starbucks!

Danced until my feet throbbed 

Laughed out loud with my cousins

Spent a few days at home

Watched my dad care for his orchids

Flew back to MCO via BQN

Entertained friends

 I also drove through a few massive rainstorms, tried to be less dependent on my flat iron, got approved for an iPhone at work, finalized my plans for the summer (Yosemite, Sonoma, San Fran), met my new baby cousin, watched less tv, finished Tina Fey's book, indulged in three other books, and last but not least...I  racked up enough money to get myself a new iPad. I think you get the point...busy times lately both personal and professional. Looks like 2012 hasn't been that bad after all. Miss you guys! 


PS: Rosita - Feliz Cumple!