Buttons and Steel City...Oh and NO wine for me! No mam, not without your ID!

Pittsburgh, PA - This week I've been fortunate enough to visit the City of Bridges. I'm here for an event The First Tee (place of internship) is hosting in conjunction with the US Women's Open. The past 3 days have been way eventful - which reminds me of a good story.

So Thursday night my boss put me in charge of making sure all 10 scholarship recipients and their chaperones made it to the event on time. This basically entailed making sure everyone got on the freaking shuttle by 6:15 pm. Not that hard right? Well it;s 6pm and I only have one kid to go. I'm thinking, I did pretty good. Well I was wrong...all of a sudden the missing link comes down the elevator in shorts and a t-shirt...Now I'm thinking GREAT, we're going to be late and this is not going to look good. So I went up to him and was like "Yo, put your suit on, we have to go now" and he replies "well, the button on my jacket came off and my mom is trying to find a sewing kit". So I was like "Dude! Go put your freaking clothes on, come down with the jacket and I will sew that thing up like the Girl Scouts taught me." Five minutes later he rolls down with the jacket, but without the button. More time wasted...Eventually, his mom came down with the long lost button and I already had the needle in hand. We got on the shuttle and in the middle of rush hour traffic I sewed away...I did a pretty good job I would have to say. We made it on time...He was able to button his jacket that evening and looked all snazzy up on stage standing next to Jack Nicklaus.

That's my story.

Here are some pics of the trip so far.

Here's Austin (button boy) holding his award proudly. My masterpiece is behind the plaque.
The Heinz Center in downtown Pittsburgh...this is where the awards dinner was held - pretty cool place with neat exhibits.
Scholarship recipients
Here's the pic, yet again...Sorry for the repetitiveness, but I'm very proud of it. You guys would've been proud of me too, I didn't cut in line or push the kids out the way or anything. I waited patiently. While I waited I should've taken off the name tag. At least I had time to put down my wine glass. Which reminds me of another story - the bartender wouldn't serve me a glass of wine because I didn't have my ID with me so I had to have someone sneak it. Crazy! Afterward, at the dinner table I asked the same bartender for a refill and she straight up turned me down. Seriously? Do I look under age?
Heinz Stadium...home of the Steelers
View of the city from the Duquense Incline...We rode that red cart up.
Roberto Clemente mural
The kids listening to Laura's instructions...
The group

Tomorrow: US Women's Open at Oakmont. Stay tuned.

Keep it real,


  1. I guess I know who to go to when I need sewing done!! Great pictures Laura!

  2. hahaha I know right...one of my many hidden talents! Thanks!