Weekly update

Another one for the books...this week went by rather quickly and we had a ton of action down here in the intern front. More specifically, this week took me back to the college days of house parties, pre gaming, turning 21, thieves, bed bugs, black cats, raccoons, sharks, etc. You name it and we've got it!
A few days ago we spotted a black cat in the parking lot...The next day someone broke into Nicki's car and smashed her window. A few days later, apartment 932, ex-home of the other intern girls was found to have a case of bed bugs after Nina and Diana woke up one morning itching like crazy. To make matters worse, they had to move out of the place into another apartment while 932 is treated to get rid of those nasty creatures! Since Nicki's (932 resident) room was "clean" she moved in the spare bed in our apartment for the time being. But don't worry people she had to go through the annoying process of washing all of her clothes and spraying her belongings before entering 917. I no longer have my own room...but its for a good cause.
Anyways, so we had planned to have my roommate Leah's 21st bday party at 932. But we planned it for the same day we found out about the whole bed bug situ. It was probably not safe to have everyone over at bed bug city, but since it was already decorated and everyone knew to go to 932 we decided to stick to our original plan. When people asked about the BB rumors we just told them it was at another apartment. Turned out to be a good time!

That couch we are sitting on was removed the next day because it was probably infested...

What you don't know won't hurt you...
What beach are we going to today? What/Where are we eating later? Did you put my wine in the cooler? Did anyone bring water? Beach and food, that's what my weekend consisted of. Also, my new friend Dan from Sunrise surf shop hooked me up with a sweet paddle board for the weekend and it was a blast. Some of the interns tried it and had quite a few wipe outs...

Perfect weekend for SUP

A fisherman tells us: "We've caught about 20 baby sharks here today"...right after I had been in the water for like an hour! Here's evidence:

In the spirit of Fathers Day I decided to celebrate...this one's in your name pops

Beach bloopers take 1
Beach bloopers take 2...somewhere underneath the board is Brandon
Pre rib dinner munchies...

Turned out to be a good week even though it had its rocky moments. Well my peeps, ciao for now. Good night and oh yea, don't let the bed bugs bite!


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  1. I can't believe you held that party in the infested room!!!