A weekend well spent

Hola mi gente! Another week flew by so I thought I would update you on the latest. We kicked off the weekend just right with 2 for 1 happy hour at Aqua Grill on Friday afternoon. Then we dusted off the old hips and got a private salsa lesson at Cuba Libre, a Latin lounge we found online. It was a cool place, better than the last one we found online (let's put it this way, the last one we attempted to go to had a sign on the door that said they had been evicted for not paying their rent in the past 7 moths...gotta love my people!). To make a long story short, it was good times...Check it out!
Interns at the softball game...if you can't see me it's because I was taking the picture.

Micklers Beach...

St. Augustine

You can't call yourself a colonial Spanish establishment without Ponce de Leon...
-Por Aguada fue...
I definitely want to eat at this cool restaurant in our next tourist outing

Another item which can be found in a traditional colonial Spanish settlement...La Catedral de San Agustin
This however is unique, take your picture with the Nubian princesses...a one time limited offer Willow trees
Cool Mosaic
In case you forgot what I look like...here I am


Castillo de San Marcos (se ve La Perla al fondo)
Pobre caballo!! : (
Driving down A1A North about an hour before sunset...It's no Corcega, Rincon, PR at 6:30pm but for now, it's great.

I could live here. But no worries Aguadilla, you are always on my mind...




  1. Well after these photos I'm planning my visit ASAP!!!