Downtown Athens...

Perfect spring afternoon in Athens.


Spring is finally here!

Parental Unit

How could I forget to update you guys on my parents visit?? They came to good ole' Athens last month and we had a blast...We toured around Athens/Atlanta and went to our first NBA game...fun times...Great little getaway before midterms...Here are some visuals:

Funny hats
Great play!

Con Jose!
Would I be me, If I didn't?

We didn't really go to the Coca-Cola factory...I told them to pose and act like we did...They loved the idea.


I'm back!

OMG! My people. What is up? It's been forever, I know! Life has been a little crazy up here in paradise. There's so much I haven't told you guys...I got married, had tons of babies, got a couple of tatoos, you know the usual. It was kind of sudden, but we are soooo happy together. Oka no, not gonna work. Freaking myself out. I'm still single and ready to mingle.

There have been new additions to my life, however. I have officially become a fan of "The Office", thanks to my friend Lindsey I watched all 5 seasons in a two week span. And that's because I was in the middle of midterms. If not, I might have done like when Christine got me hooked on LOST for the first time. I watched all 4 seasons in like 5 days. Then, I got my friend Karen hooked on LOST and she watched all 4 seasons in about a week...while she was at work.

Which reminds me...while I was away on my blog sabbatical I went to PR for spring break. I had originally planned to write a few entries while I was over there, but that quickly changed once I stepped into Trump Intl. It's like another world in there during PR OPEN week. I forgot how crazy everything gets. Maybe next year I can just pay someone to follow us around with a video camera...I think it would make for a very good reality TV show.

It was fun while it lasted though…I miss my people and all of our fun times amidst adversity. Here are some visuals:

Mother Nature at her finest..

Car #13...That vehicle was cursed to say the least...we lost it like 5 times!

My people! Volunteers, media, staff...All of the above and much much more!

My claim to fame...

Mother Nature also at her finest...can't beat that sunrise...6:15am, Rio Grande, PR
"The island" took a toll on me to say the least, but it's all good now...It only took me about 2 weeks and 3 days to recover...Can't say the same for my skin though, I'm still peeling...WTF? Who would have thought that all that time out of the sun could actually do more damage? I want/need black to come back!

In the meantime, I'll stick to life as is...keeping busy with school and work; and hoping for some good news this week. Prendan los velones!

Keep it real my people.

Peace out,