I don't mind when my students are late. I actually like it...gives me a few minutes to relax between sessions, go to the restroom, check my e-mail, answer txt's, read, do homework, etc. etc. But the best part of their tardiness is the excuses. I always look forward to the excuses because there's usually a good, reasonable story which explains it all.
Today was no different. It was about 8:07 and still no sign of student #2. But I waited patiently until she finally arrived. She comes in the room with iPhone in hand and a face that reads "I really, really want to cry but I'm holding it in."
I look at her and say: "What's up?" She looks at me, sighs, puts her bag on the floor, sits on the chair and goes: "My boyfriend is an ass!" Just as I had predicted, good excuse story coming my way fast. However, I try to be a boring, "I'm not your friend" tutor so I proceed and start discussing the Spanish lesson.
But no, it wasn't happening, she was too distracted and just had to let it all out, which was fine by me because it was late, I'm feeling tired and would much rather chat than teach. So I said, "vamo' a hablar mija, que te pasa?"
How do I always end up being Dr. Phil to RANDOM people? Why? Don't they know I'm a stranger with ZERO relationship experience? Don't they realize that 110% of my advice comes directly from a reality tv show? I guess not, because they always nod and say: "you're right, that's so true". Crazy! Anyways, we spent the the better part of the hour discussing the more important things in life, which I would have to say was very entertaining, even though most of the info I felt was TMI. But whatever, girl talk is girl talk and you can never have too much TMI.
Peace out,
PS: Fun question --> If you could choose a totally different career path, what would it be? In other words, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Don't be shy...please comment! Would love to hear what you have to say.
My answer: Photojournalist covering the lives of young people in impoverished nations and warzones...Mainly South Africa and Pakistan (crazy, I know...but sounds intresting)