This past weekend Ashley B. and I had our annual roommie/teammate reunion. We've been able to meet in Florida for the past three years and 2012 was no exception. Last year, I had such a good time at her and her bf's lovely bungalow, my return to West Palm was imminent. As always with these two, good times were had (and lots was consumed) alongside their furry children. We added a new element to my visit this year...golf. Not sure whey we hadn't done this in the past...I guess we played together so much in college we sort of parted ways with the game and made room for other forms of entertainment, but this year we brought it back and I have to say it was tons of fun.

After New York I was hooked on the trilili Polaroid app so once again I apologize for the Polaroid phase I'm putting everyone through...it will go away soon, I promise! Here are some weekend candids:

The 9th hole at Admirals Cove

Binny's old man swing

Seems like everyone had a boat at Admirals 

She still has a stash of ETSU golf balls....how many did she hoard through our college years?

Lazy Saturday morning

Gus being lazy

The Simpsons

Awesome gyros at the market!

Diamonds are Forever...

Taking the pups for a walk #cray

Mitch loves the ledge

Gus and I lagging behind

Beer run...lagging behind...sidewalks are too narrow

playa playa playa

Emerson: "Laura did Stevie Wonder dress you today?"
LD: "I think I'm colorblind"
this photo=proof

The drunk dude said...."You have gypsy eyes..."

What was left of my caprese salad

grill master

Crazy pet lady

Adios Wenonah 141...I'll miss your hard wood floors and awesome front porch...until next time! 

I've had a great time visiting old friends during the past two weeks, but it will be nice to spend a relaxing weekend at home for a change. I need to do some serious cleaning and unpacking (not looking forward to that portion of my weekend). I also need to sort out a bunch of photos I took with my non-polaroid cell phone camera...warning: you might be seeing a mix of those this weekend.

Hasta la proxima.



Hola amigos! Al fin me siento en paz a darles un update. No he parado la pata hace 2 semanas pero se ha pasado bien, no me quejo. Hay que aprovechar mientras se pueda. Estuve por los nuyores doing some business y decidi quedarme para un poquito de pleasure. En uno de esos momentos de aburrimiento en el aeropuerto fue que descubri el "trilili" polarioid app. Cada vez que uso el app me tranca el celular trilili wannabe iPhone...pero vale la pena.. Aqui comparto con ustedes el resultado...

Encontre esta barrita de camino a casa de Quique...fun fact: el que se sento al lado mio era de Arecibo

Esperamos 2 horas pero valio la pena...

Pues si, me quiero comprar una vaina de esas de hacer waffles. 

 No se ve bien en la foto pero el intricate woodwork de esta guitarra era impresionante...habia un guiro por ahi tambien

Make a wish!!

Mis amables anfitriones

Felipe, el gatito

Bloody Mary's

No me acuerdo como se llamaba el lugar pero el brunch estuvo rico! #Bushwick

The city on Sunday morning, bastante tranquilo

Beer Flight at Good Beer

Pick your team...any team...as long as it's from NY

Adios 227 Starr St!

Advertencia: me regale una maquinita nueva de cumpleaños, el follon de polarioid viene heavy.