Una vuelta por Aguadilla

Bajando pal' Crash
Crashboat Beach

Donde el sol se pone...
Punta Borinquen Golf Club
La Virgen del Carmen
El Pueblo

Playa Jobos

Where in the world is Laura Diaz? The Update...

Mi gente...I'm back!! I think this is the longest I've gone without posting an entry, the past few weeks have been really crazy - even for my standards. I survived finals and passed with flying colors. I emptied an apartment and filled up a storage unit - with my mom ; ) Got a job, graduated, celebrated, flew to PR for the holidays - all this in about a 72 hour period. Then I flew back to ATL, drove to Athens, stayed there for 2 nights, got my car, drove down to Jacksonville, looked for apartments, started working, found an apartment and now the fun begins. Nevertheless, good times were had in the process.

Here's how it all went down...in photos of course!

Graduation Weekend

Las cali n' tito's dinner

**Disclaimer: Sorry about the Spanish, I just couldn't do it any other way.

Las navidades en el tropico estuvieron de show...los que estuvieron conmigo en Waterdilla, caramba que mucho fiestamos!!! Les cuento que al fin recupere mi voz y cada vez que veo las fotos del Chinchorreo Tour y Playuela Fest me da pavera. La caja china, los asopaos, el karaoke, la sangria, las medalla, pasteles, pernil, pitorro, coquito, chichaito, Crashboat, la 107, Playuela...A la verdad que la botamos...los quiero y los extra~o un monton! Necesito que vengan hacerme el housewarming RUSHH!


Comenzando el Chinchorreo Tour @ Tiburon
Party Bus
The Works reunited after a year...love, love, love & miss these girls!

Chapa @ Mami's Sancocho Prieto

La terraza - si las paredes hablaran...

Vaya negro, a son de guiro y mas na'

Descorchando La Viuda

New Years!

La Sagrada Familia

La Caja China

Las mano' arriba...

Havana nights

Hmmm...este cuerito, estara crunchy?



Havana Nights
After all the craziness and delicious cusine I was forced to come back to the states to work. But, I made a pit stop in Athens to get my car. Here's my roommate-for-2-nights Peanut being a funny kitty.

Today, I finally found an apartment in Jax. After a very stressful 24 hours, that is. Being homeless is not fun! Neither is having your stuff spread out between a storage unit, a car, my room in Puerto Rico and my current home: the luxurious Staybridge Suites.

That's about it up to now. Oh wait! I started work today...feels nice to be back in my old stomping grounds. Will give you the update as the week goes along.

Off to bed...it's been really hard posting all these pics!