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My peeps!! So tons of stuff has gone on since the last time I communicated with my fellow readers. Where do I begin...orientation week, new apartment, new roommates, hole in one, new people, new friends, new peers, new boyfriend (haaaa got you!).

Let's start with the hole in one since it just happened a few hours ago and I'm still stoked about it! Yes, the rumors are true. I did make a hole in one on the 3rd hole of the Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass. How crazy is that? Seriously...First hole in one ever, first swing of the day, first swing in months, first time playing Sawgrass...oh yea and at the intern golf outing...hahahha! Crazy!! Still cant believe it...but one things for sure, I had a blast and could not have asked for better timing to make my first Hole in One!!

For those of you who are not familiar with this great game that so many of us torcher ourselves with. When a person makes a HIO he/she has to buy drinks for all the witnesses. Lucky for me, I had about 31 (all of the interns) so off we went to the bar...it was good times and a great way to wrap up orientation.

5 second briefing: Sawgrass is home to The Players Championship (the one where I did parking for 5 days) and one of the most recognized Pete Dye golf courses in the world because of the island green 17th hole. It's also home to the PGA TOUR headquarters, an amazingly ginourmously grandiose clubhouse and a bunch of really expensive houses.

Anyways, enough with the technical golf talk. Let's get into the good stuff...did I get the room by myself or not? Well as most of you have already heard, YES I DID...All of your advice paid off...I got to the apartment complex early and snatched the room. I was kind enough to leave my roommies the master bedroom though. How nice am I? Once again, thanks for all of your support! Speaking of roommies...they're cool...I have a recent college graduate, rom Minnesota who forgot she was coming to Florida and brought warm clothes, and an aspiring graduate who turns 21 June 17th. The apartment smells funky but I got the hugest candle ever and so far she's doing an oka job.

It's like freshman year all over again! It's awkward at the beginning but now we're friends. I had to go get a "bed in a bag". You know, one of those bags that comes with a comforter, sheets, pillow champs, bed skirt and decorative pillows. Also much like freshman year, everyone was moving in with their parents while I roll up in the pathfinder with 2 suitcases and a backpack. Nikki's dad offered to help with ALL my stuff but I politely declined and he looked at me for a few seconds and said: "Your very independent, I respect that!!!". hahaha...I smiled, nodded and thanked him for offering to help and for the comment, but it only got me thinking about how much younger everyone is! Oh well, I quickly got over it. I saw a form being filled out by another guy at the internship which said he was born in like 78, so I'm good. Not oldest, second oldest though!

Like I mentioned before this week has been intern orientation week over here at the PGA TOUR. We had our reception on Wednesday afternoon at the clubhouse. It was the first time we all met but after the awkward first five minutes we relaxed a bit and began to mingle.

Here I can be seen mingling with April (purple) and Laura B. (Miss University of Florida)

This photo was "borrowed" from www.jacksonville.com

Thursday and Friday we had a jam packed agenda with speakers and fun activities galore...It's been great though. Right up my alley. I even knew some of the speakers and panelists to it was nice to see familiar faces. And the hole in one definitely put the icing on the cake (and a hole in my credit card).

I feel like I made the right choice coming here. Once again, it's all about timing. The PGA TOUR people did mention that they had 1,050 applicants and only picked 32 so I'm feeling pretty good. I've even missed my job...I wanna go back Monday...am I crazy?!?!? I need help!

We still have half day orientation tomorrow...we're going to The First Tee (my office) and then taking a tour of the World Golf Hall of Fame. Both of which I have already toured since it's where I work but being the team player that I am....I'm doing it all over again with my fellow interns. Speaking of the interns, I would love to tell you about all of them, but I'm really tired and thinking about calling it a night, it's been an eventful day.

It's been real so keep it that way.

Peace out,


  1. Having that room to yourself will surely help you to get that boyfriend!! And I LOVE the pencil skirt, with your cardigan :)

  2. i dont even know why it surprises me that even ur writing is so organized.

    My name is Rosita and my bff is a type 1 control freak. AND WE LOVE HER JUST LIKE THAT!

    toy muy contenta kuki, de que la estes pasando tan bien. me alegra mucho. love ya!!

  3. hahahaha, you said in here I'm from Minnesota - close! That would be Alecia.

    Also you wrote torcher for torture. I love it.

    This is a really fun blog to read!