15 Items or less

I usually go grocery shopping in the evenings. The reason being: I like to avoid the senior citizens who tend to crowd the isles looking for specials. They like to do things early, thats fine, more power to them.
Today, I went in the morning...big mistake! So I'm shopping like a regular customer but in a bit of a hurry. The lines were pretty long so I picked the emptiest one, but I had not noticed I was in the "15 items or less" line. As I stood in line at Kroger (Amigo de aca) with a People magazine in hand this very unpolite senior citizen comes up and yells at me in a very Souther accent>> "now mam you sure DON'T have 15 items in that cart!!". Tragame tierra! Of course everyone looked at me like I was the worst person on earth. I proceeded to apologize and move to another line. Needless to say, when I got home, I counted and I only had 17 items.
What the heck? That was so unfair, just becasue he was alive during WWII dosen't mean he can treat people that way. I am usually the person letting people with less items than me get in front. Sometimes I'm even the person helping others get the last jar of Prego from the top shelf. While other times I try to be a good citizen by bringing the shopping carts lazy people leave around the parking lot back to their rack. I have replaced plastic bags with highly efficient green bags! I would consider myself as being supermarket friendly. Gimme a break dude!
I learned my lesson, keep going in the evenings and back away from the express lane. See you next week Kroger.


  1. Te entiendo muy bien! Vivo con ciudadanos de la edad de oro. jjajajja

    Le puedes pedir varios trucos a tata ya que ella tiene una habilidad increible para lograr que la atiendan primero en una linea de 15 articulos o menos y que le pasen un carrito lleno de articulos. Ahhh y sin carnet de impedidos jajaj. Ella es mi role model.

  2. jajajaja! Hay prima, ese momento impacto mi vida pero pa' lante. Saludos desde GA.