No cell phones, no cameras! Well, not for long.

Tiger is god! Tigre te amo... "vamos a comprar otra beer"... "mira ese/a se parece a"...Yes, those are the kind of phrases coming out of the mouths of the die hard, golf aficionado people I'm hanging out with this weekend at the Tour Championship. My combo corillo is here from PR and we are having a blast, watching some good golf, observing tournament ops and achieving a very high level of VIP status in a matter of minutes. This is how we roll. Oh yeah and we also had lunch with Arthur Blanks who is apparently the owner of the Atlanta Falcons (NFL team) and Home Depot, but we didn't even know who he was.

We were all very pumped to see Tiger, since it was a first for all...we were starstruck, the dude has something about him, perhaps an aura of greatness? Who knows, all I know is he's human like the rest of us because he flubbed a chip shot to make bogey on 18 and drop to 5-under, he leads by one shot over Paddy Haddy and Sean O'hair.

Thats enough golf jargon for today...When we arrived at Turner Field this morning (parking) CRB's sole came off her tennis shoe, so she had to walk with a soleless shoe for a while, until the one on the other sneaker came off a few hours later. It's a good thing she found a prime spot in the grandstands (aunque la calocha ahi estaba fuerrrte) because I don't think the soleless Nike's would have lasted much longer.

The weather was very favorable today, however that doesn't seem like the case for tomorrow. But its oka, we're prepared, we have rainsuits, ponchos, umbrellas and an evac plan. On the other hand, if it starts raining you will probably find us in the clubhouse watching it on TV.

I almost forgot, for those of you wondering, we stopped at TJ Maxx and got CRB some new sneakers with soles on them.

Well gotta go, early day tomorrow and it seems my peeps got a head start!

Signing out, this is Laura Diaz reporting live from the right side of the bed I'm sharing with my roommie at Spring Hill Suites.


PS:C'mon Dawgs sack 'em Sundevils tomorrow!


  1. La estan pasando super, me alegra y me da envidiaaaaaaaaa.

  2. A Tiger... le gusto, le gusto y en su cara se le ve!