Lo que se quedo...

Warning to non-golfers: This one might get boring, it's one of those "you had to be there to understand", but I encourage you to Read On!

My grrrreat memory failed a bit last night and I forgot to give a shout out to Danny Colson, MVP at East Lake this past weekend. Mr. Colson, who has Tiger's back inside and outside the ropes, hooked up his "PR Mafia" big time with the photo pass and access to the players parking lot. <<<-----There's Danny in the light blue shirt, I think he was looking out for "red flags".
Little did he know that one of the members of the mafia would rise some red flags and another would be stalking that parking lot like it was his job. I won't mention any names but there was only one HE in our group. That He also managed to console Tiger after a bad shot and remind Kenny of sad times at Augusta. "It's oka buddy"...Priceless! Meanwhile, KTC's face managed to reach a level of redness which can only be attained by a Calvesbert. La pobre Karen, se abochornaba de nosotros.
Here we are stalking the parking lot and posing with the big boss. Somehow Bones (Phil Mickelson's caddie) got in this picture as well. I guess he was making room in the trunk for the the $4 million dollar check. Must be nice.
While we stood there, Tim Finchem (PGA Tour Commissioner) rolled around the corner and he also got some kind words from our He. We are assuming Tiger left through an underground tunnel because one minute his Buick was there, the other, it disappeared. Wonder what his next stop is? Maybe "World Disney World" with Elin and the kids. Who knows.
I think I've covered just about everything...gotta love reminiscing! Until next time.
Peace out,

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