Week 6 at UGA is in the books! Wow can't believe it's been that long...time flies and as those t-shirts say, life is good. I guess it's the perfect week to being by blogging career since i've had enough time to get acquainted with Athens, which I must say I absolutely love, could not have picked a better town or school for that matter.

UGA is great! Classes are going well, I have a few projects which i'm working on but it's been hard to keep up with all these groups, especially when you can't put a name with a face. But i'm getting better at it. Something i'm also getting better at is: college football. These people are serious about their football, but it's oka...gotta be passionate about something in this life. Even better when it's passion for a sport.

As for the social aspect of the move, week 6 was good to me. I got my netbook, met some new peeps, had some random encounters with the opposite sex, saw some townies, danced to 80's music with a gringo who had rythm, walked in the rain (y no se me paro el pelo), saw some old friends and watched golf...overall, my best weekend so far. Hopefully, next weekend will up to par since KTC, PJ and CRB are all coming to the ATL for the Tour Championship and to top it off, we get to see Tiger and I got a photo pass...Ahh the joy.

Today, i'll be cliche and leave you with a quote. I don't usually do this but this one kind of explains my whole purpose of being here.

"Sport has the power to change the world, the power to inspire and the power to unite in a way little else can - it is an instrument of PEACE."

-Nelson Mandela


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  1. By the way, el pelo estaba CHINO, no mojado! jajaja