Final Round Recap

Se nos acabo el gusito, but thats oka, all good things must come to an end. The four of us made it back home safely, some faster than others, but we're all back to reality, that's for damn sure. Before I start getting into the golf, as I was dropping my peeps off at the airport this morning I saw Dwight from the Real Housewives of ATL!!! He was checking in curbside though, who does that anymore? I don't think he has Delta Medallion Platinum status. Anyways, here's us with the EL clubhouse in the background. Inside, the clubhouse was filled with Bobby Jones memorabilia, including a display of each of the trophies presented to him after he won the Grand Slam as an amateur in 1930.

The final two rounds of the Tour Championship were loads of fun, the weather gods were with us throughout the weekend and everything ran smoothly. Tournament directors moved the tee times up a few hours on Saturday to prevent from getting hit by the storm which set in as the last putt dropped. Rain, that's one thing that's a nightmare for any tournament director, why? because you can't control it. But I guess these PGA Tour people are so good at organizing events they even control the weather these days, geeeezz. There's Karen and Christine with Mark, one of the officials at the event and a good friend. He does the advance for the PR OPEN, he was glad to see us there. I would have liked to be in that picture but that's okay, someone has to take it for the team.
Every day was filled with new anecdotes, happenings and characters. "Tiger Woods, Ya'll!" was my personal favorite, with "Tiger Woods for second black president" coming in second. As you can see our weekend revolved around Tiger, but nothing compared to this guy's shirt. <<<----Check it out. You can't really see it, but on the bottom it says "Tiger Woods, Ya'll". The poor guy wanted Tiger's autograph so bad but what he almost got was a black eye from the security guard who kicked him out of the players parking lot where that picture was taken. For the record, we did not get kick out because we were authorized to be there.
By the way, on Sunday we saw the dude following Tiger's group wearing the same shirt. Pretty funny.

We did get kicked out, actually no, I rephrase, were were kindly asked to move away from the press room door where Tiger was being interviewed. This picture can give you an idea of why we were kindly asked to move away. ------------------>>>>>>>>>
The cop behind us was very serious about his job, as it should be.

Spectating was a challenge on Sunday but we were fortunate enough to get some clean looks at the leaders. Our man Kenny Perry's tires fell off early and Tiger couldn't make a putt to save his life, but he was probably singing"chiching!!$$$" all the way back to Windermere, Fl in his Buick. Three days following the guy around and I didn't get to see a fist pump. That was the only downside. Lefty shook that snowman away and took it to the house on Sunday afternoon beating the field fair and square. Karen and I made it to the awards presentation, we positioned ourselves behind the 18th green. We had a pretty good look. I don't even remember how we go there, it all happened so fast. Something else happened fast, my running, it was by far the fastest I've ever run in my life (cojimos par de chinos en la soga pero valio la pena). Seeing TW and Lefty side by side, one with the FedEx cup in hand and 10 million in his back pocket, priceless!

After everything was over, we reunited with the Beauchamps who found a few empty chairs at the entrance and served as a temporary information booth. This was a good move because I got to keep the chairs for tailgating. Or as Christine said, I should mark my territory and set them at the 18th green at Augusta National. Until then, you can find them here in Athens. That evening, after we stalked the players parking lot for a while the munchies started kicking in and we grabbed a bite at Twist in Phips Plaza. Good food, cool atmosphere. In the end, good times we had, lots of laughs and crazy sayings. We learned plenty from the good people in the volunteer department who took the time to meet and tour us around. Looking forward to another one of these impromptu trips in the near future. In the meantime, it's time to hit the books. Ciao for now.

In the words of my good friend Fito Paez: Colorin colorado, este cuento ha terminao.

PS: Don't miss the photos below!

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