Out and about in Carmel & Monterey

This post is long overdue...you will notice that the sun is shining. This is because these photos were taken like 3 weeks ago when blue skies reigned over the Monterey Peninsula. Although I wouldn't be surprised if the sun came back out today...the day I leave!

One of my many rooms...


The Bunkhouse at Mission Ranch

Driving down Scenic...Yes, I took the photo while driving. Turned out pretty good!

Great view from the Corey's back porch

Bear hanging out at the beach

Thanks Cathy & Steve...laundry, burgers, wine & good company = great evening!

Strolling down Cannery Row

Surfs up...hmmm, not thanks! Burrr

This is also called Dog Beach, let's just say I learned that the hard way.

Love this shot!

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