Extracurricular Activities

Now the week wasn't just about golf...

The girls waiting to film their Golf Channel teasers
Tyler on camera
 I went inside...it was too cold
 Hangin' at the social media cafe
Some of the girls at Thursday afternoon's Ice Cream Social
Trying to figure out the Playstation 3 with Fred Funk
The girls from Greater Sacramento and Fred
JOB sharing his words of wisdom with Austin
 Pros addressing the participants at the Social Media Cafe
Two of Nature Valley's finest!

Water balloon toss at the California Dreamin' Party

Kolton gets splashed!
Ben and Harrison showing great sportsmanship here...

 Limbo time
The crowd cheers on the remaining limboers
How low can you go?
Posing in my pink wig with Beachbommer Kelley, master of ceremonies
Catching a wave with the Cathy's

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