Your Royal Highness - Dinner is served

Tonight, the official tournament dinner was hosted by HRH The Duke of York at Leeds Castle. He was delighted to see me, it had been a while. The Queen sends her regards.

Hey Duke - sorry about the flash but I had to get a pic of you talking to my kid!
Mingling with the kidos

Henry VIII Dining Room
This is where the Duke gave his speech and said "Two years ago it was just a few of us in a small room having dinner...now we have to rent out bloody castles to accommodate you all."

One of the junior golfers from Belgium spoke on behalf of the participants and she did an amazing job. Great camaraderie going on this week with the kids. On Sunday they were strangers and by today they are all BFF's, chatting it up at dinner and singing Lady Gaga on the way to the golf course (for moments like these Apple invented the iPod).


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  1. You are so fancy!! How are you ever going to mix with us common folk back in Athens?