Pure Links

This week I'm reporting live from Sandwich, Kent, UK. Sandwich is home to Royal St. Georges's Golf Club...England's equivalent to Scotland's St. Andrews. To put things in Layman's terms, it's a really really old (ancient to be exact) prestigious golf course that hasn't changed much since it was established in 1887. It's pretty much a "gentlemen only" club so women aren't allowed in many places inside the clubhouse, but they're making an exception this week. Someone must be rolling over in their grave.

Oh and golf shoes aren't permitted inside the clubhouse - they let me grab food but I had to eat outside in the patio. It was nicer outside though, it was kind of stuffy in the dining room. The lady who told us we couldn't eat inside the hundred year old dining room almost had a heart attack when she saw us coming in with spikes. Everyone is very polite here, so she was very nice about it. I'll be bringing an extra pair of shoes tomorrow.

Patricia: Laura, where do I hit it?
Laura: I guess straight ahead...

Massive bunker on the second hole
White Cliffs of Dover on the other side
Fun fact: Sandwich is the town where the actual sandwich was invented. John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich told his servant to put a piece of meat between two buns so he could move on with his gambling game. True story...or rumor perhaps. Either way, pretty interesting.

Here's our drivers diligently shining those BMW's
That's it for now...will check back in with you guys tomorrow.



  1. Have fun eating meat pie and tell Bitzy and Charles at the club "Cheerio!" for me!!

  2. So they totally served meat pie at the club this afternoon. I totally skipped on that and went for the mac & cheese. Andddd my driver kept saying "Cheerio"..all I could do was remember you.

    The food was better at the hotel 2nite. They had fish & chips, salad, spaghetti & meat sauce and berry cobler. It was actually pretty good. Let's see what Liam has for us at the club tomorrow.

    Ta-ta daaaling!