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Last day at Royal St. Georges's...

Right now I'm chillin inside the clubhouse, it's freezing today!

Join me for a cup of coffee...
Patricia is off watching the leaders with the united nations (her friends from Estonia, Norway, Slovenia, Jamaica, Czech Republic, and Italy). After all, this is what events like these are all about. I've been to a lot of golf competitions and this one sits on top as one of the best events junior golf has to offer. Sandra and her team did an awesome job this week! I mean these people know how to get the job done right.

United Nations
Proof that I was actually there and not in my apartment in Georgia making up crazy stories
This week was like stepping back in time...Links golf, lots of walking, pot bunkers, fescue, no bathrooms on the golf course (it slows down play), meat pies, dinner at a table that holds about 50 with the Duke at a castle, announcements that begin with the phrase "your royal highness"...I could get used to this, however I could live without the meat pie part.

Funny story: I sit down to have lunch about an hour ago- lasagna which looked/tasted more like a meat pie with pasta. Anyway back to my point - I also had chips on the plate (nutritious meal huh?) which looked really good and I was so excited to dip them in some ketchup. As I get ready to start the ketchup action, the Duke steps in and snatches the bottle from my table!!!

Does anyone know what the proper etiquette is for a situation like this?

It's been fun reporting from Sandwich - thanks for stopping by.


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