To broil or not to broil...

Well my people, Betty Crocker-Diaz over here almost burned her kitchen down last night after a SUCCESSFUL attempt at broiling salmon. I was in a good mood yesterday, had some free time for a change so I thought "hey, why don't I cook something different." Went to Kroger, got a nice salmon filet and proceeded to figure out how I was going to cook the dead piece of fish.
I was talking to a good friend on the phone and she goes "you should broil it, I do it that way and it comes out nice and flaky". So I'm thinking "oka good idea", she cooks good, might as well follow her directions. The broiling option didn't work so well for me though. Ten minutes into the process my oven burst into flames. I'm talking about real flames, the kind that could've burnt my whole apartment down if not for my super girl scout background (troops 195, 402 and 149 respectively). I want to give a shout out to the organization that contributed to my firefighting skills...Here are some photos:

Laura Diaz in a GS uniform Circa 1993. Esa es Rosita la que me esta abrazando, por mas que lo niegue, ella tambien fue GS por muuuucho tiempo.
Hay senal??? Yes, that tall person on the right is me. dang I was (still am) tall for my age!
Go ahead, get a good laugh out of it. It's oka, even I laugh at this one.
Laura y Rosita, Circa 1993

Back to my original topic...I took the thinner half of the filet out because it was already cooked. I was waiting for the other part to cook when all of a sudden the fire started. Don't ask me how, but I stuck my heavy duty Kitchen Aid tongs in the fire pit of an oven, got the pan out and started wacking it with a towel. Before I knew it, it was over, no more fire! But then the aftermath came. The fire alarm went crazy and my apartment could've been confused for a the smoking room at the airport with the smoke cloud hanging out all over the place. Not to mention the stench! Gosh the place reaked of smoked..good thing for the febreeze/candle combo.

Fire alarm wouldn't shut up, so annoying!! I had to ventilate it with a folder to get it to stop. All this went on and nobody came to see what was happening. At least now I know I can't count on my neighbors! I'm sure I would have had some spectator action if this had happened in PR. Oh how I miss my fellow "noveleros". Here's a pic of the scene after the fire. It doesn't really justify the magnitude of the flames but it's better than nothing.
There are a few pieces of salmon around there. Those didn't survive. They got wacked by the towel.

I think that I found the cause of the fire...this burnt piece of aluminum foil was found crumbled at the bottom of the oven...crazy!!

In the end, everything worked out. I got to eat my dead fish with some veggies on the side. I was so nervous I ate the thing in like 2 minutes, didn't get to enjoy the flavor or anything. No heavy cooking in today's agenda. Maybe a sandwich...I need /miss Costco's microwaveable everything!
Signing out,
Betty Crocker-Diaz


  1. Well Miss Betty Crock-Diaz, a few words from Mr. Jacques Pepin-Child-Diaz, "Shit happens..." I remember will I was in cooking school, specially in the pastry class (Which I didn't liked ), many things happened. Specially with the ovens. Rule #1 If you put something in the oven, MAKE SURE YOU ARE AWARE OF IT!!!,#2 Why go out and get a nice piece of salmon or meat and then foggetabouit!!! #3, At the end of the day, the biggest gratification is that YOU, enjoy the result of your effort. So be it, "No se jodio la cocina y el salmon quedo bueno", and next time get instead of 1 fillet get 20 pounds so it can be a real event, with fireworks. Life is made with lot of situations, think about this. Hmm, what the fu...if this thing happened while I was taking a shower? Or else? Que se joda!!! Te comiste el salmon y pa'l carajo!!!! Ta, ta.

    Mr.J.Diaz, Boy Scout,Troop 352,Carolina, Puerto Rico (1979). Merit Badges Survival, Hiking, cooking, first aid,backpacking,Cycling,Fire safety, Astronomy,Athletic, Scuba diving,sports and swimming, lifesaving,Public speaking. (Y por ahi pa' bajo) Yo era un fiebru' de los Boys Scouts, and proud!!! Always, "Be prepared"

  2. jajajaja!! I didn't forget about it...I don't know where the flames came from! Anyways, I am also very proud of my girl scout accomplishments!! jajaja

  3. As Nene would've said, "That's my Guurrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllll!!!! Jacques Pepin Child-Diaz