Rockefeller Center, watch out!!

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In an attempt to maintain a frugal lifestyle spurred by recession times, I said to myself: "This year I'm not going to decorate my apartment for Christmas, I want to stay within budget, and I will be gone for break before I know it...blablabla." Well, let me tell you, that for sure did not happen! It's so hard not to get caught up in all this Christmasy stuff, especially when one has to go to Target. It started out as an outing in quest for the basic necessities such as: toilet paper, Tide, fabric softener, you know, house stuff.
After I got what I came for, I said "why don't I swing by the Christmas section, just to look...can't hurt." Less than 5 minutes later my cart was filled with a 2 ft. fake spruce tree, garlands, lights, you name it. The moment I feared would one day come, "El Krihmah Espiri" finally hit me and this is what came out of it:
Note: Please have your speakers turned on for the video below:

El Encendido de la Navidad en Apt. 11

There's the 2 ft. spruce! And that crazy/tacky stuff all over the TV, it's left over garland decor.

I had a great time decorating!! Felt like Martha Stewart with a little bit of Bosque Magico in the mix. I'm guessing it was a good thing I had fun with my holiday decor because for the next two weeks It's going to be study central up in here.

Feliz Navidad!

Signing out, A very Christmasy LD


  1. I knew you would cave. Now you just need a Uga de Navidad :)