Impromptu fun and decompression recap

It's like they say...all good things must come to an end. Summer’s gone until next year, and it took my tan along for the ride. Flip flops and shorts are out of the question and don’t you dare wear white after Labor Day. Yep! It’s official, fall is here. Pick your favorite college football team, MLB playoff team or NFL franchise because the season is here. That’s all you will hear for the next few months and if you don’t like sports and have to live with someone who obsesses over them, it’s a long road ahead for you my friend.
Fall brought a few midterms with her, which I am glad to report are over by now and I’ve passed with flying colors. I also view Autumn as el tiempo de la hinchera! My skin decides to turn a weird yellowish/brownish color this time of year, not cool. But hey, don’t get me wrong, I love fall. Nothing like a crisp, sunny, mid to low 60 degree day in Athens, especially if that day is spent on the golf course or downtown with good company.

The weather changes, and so do ones clothes, but shopping for fall clothes has never been a problem for me.

Speaking of shopping, I had an awesome post-midterm, impromptu, decompression weekend with a visit from a good friend. We frequented ATL’s shopping districts and were very productive throughout the weekend, to say the least. But don’t worry, we left a few things out there for others to purchase. Saturday’s weather was crazzyyy though! 40 degrees brrr…We also went to this funny restaurant here in Athens, there are really no words to describe it. All I can say is they serve Latin food (which was very good…yummy), the owners come from South/Central American descent, they had really cool t-shirts that said "Spanglish Inc." and they were playing “El Amor” by Tito el Bambino. Check out the pics and the video clip below.

El party bus, quiero celebrar mi cumplea~os ahi!!

Esa pava estaba janguiando ahi en las matas, I had to do it!

This time of year also brings season premieres and my new favvvv show “Modern Family”. If you haven’t watched it, PLEASE DO! I urge you, it is hilarious! It’s one of the few sitcoms to come out recently where you will find yourself laughing out loud, even if you are watching by yourself. Which is the case for me.
Grad school is still attempting to kick my booty, but no worries…I GOT IT! Thanksgiving break is approaching, well not really, but I like to think it is. Got my plane ticket to go home for x-mas break…I will grace you with my presence on Dec. 12. Which reminds me, I miss you guys! Come visit me…I know Athens doesn’t sound as exciting as New York, Las Vegas or Orlando (for all you Disney fans out there), but it’s a pretty cool, trendy town.

Alrighty my peeps, good times were had last weekend and even better ones to come, until next time! In the meantime, plenty of shows to watch and lots to of schoolwork to procrastinate on!



  1. ...y va creciendo y creciendo como nubes en el cielo es increíble!... Es que no puedo creer que estuvieras en Athens, escuchando esta canción! Me imagino lo que sentiste cuando te percataste de ésta!!! La guagua... no tengo palabras! Es ésa La Chencha??? OMG! La pava... es que te queda de show! Fab, fab, fab!!!! En realidad me da un poco de pena que estés taaaan sola por allá, jodiéndote tanto! jajajjaja

    Te quiero. Dios te bendiga mucho, siempre!!

  2. Btw... el color que te tornas no es un ''yellowish/brown'', es más bien un verde oliva!