Beach bars & volleyball

Another one bites the dust mi gente...Sad to think that by this time next month I will be back in good ole' Athens. I'm going to miss Jax, but on the upside I'm sooo ready for football season with good friends in that crazy little college town.

Up next: The LD weekend update. Will give it to you in photos this time so you won't have to read through/scroll down my rambling. But before we get to that let me just say my intern friends did not know what was coming when they decided to accept my friendship. Something tells me they enjoyed my absence the last 2 weeks.that I did not have a dull moment all weekend and dragged them along...we were constantly on the move which is how I like it! Beach, pool, attempt at an arena football game, beach volleyball, bars, clubs, drinks, work, flat ironing my hair, laundry, etc....you name it, I probably did it in the past 48 hours.

Here was our failed attempt at Jacksonville Sharks game. We got the $10 we payed to park back so we were happy.

Lemon Bar...pretty cool little spot to have a few drinks. Let's just say I wasn't all that upset about missing the game.

In the spirit of being athletic, we joined a few of the PGA TOUR staff for beach volleyball on Sunday. We lost and I'm not exactly sure if we'll get invited again but it was a good time.

Can you feel that athleticism...What I want to know is what the heck I was look at because by the looks of this pic the ball was going to my right. Oh well.
It was nice to be back in PV after 2 weekends on the road. I missed the beach...

Hasta pronto!


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