I won't ramble much, the photos speak for themselves. However, I will say that Yosemite is a SPECTACULAR place. Getting there is a bit of a pain...you have to drive through a few small towns with below 50 speed limits. Not to mention the elevation changes and curvy two lane roads (not the best combination if you get car sick). I was so excited to be there that I ignored the symptoms, but I could feel my body not responding well to the altitude.

We hiked about 5 miles throughout the day. We visited Mariposa Grove, Taft Point, The Fissures, Glacier Point, Tunnel View, the valley floor and The Ahwahnee Hotel. 

Base of a fallen Sequoia 

Giant Grizzly

Posing under the tunnel tree

Tree hugging...

Making the hike down to Taft Point, elev. 7,500 ft

With my awesome tour guide

Livin' on the edge

The Fissures on Taft Point - you really need to watch your step here!

Shots from above....

First glimpse of Half Dome to the left & Bridalveil Falls to the right

Tunnel View - El Capitan to the left, Half Dome in the distance and Yosemite Falls to the right

We made it down to the valley

Huuuge fireplace at The Ahwahnee

 The Ahwahnee Hotel - the 'logs' are acutally made of concrete to prevent fires. Crazy how they look like real wood! 

El Capitan from the valley floor

After the 5 miles...cansaaaa

In the end, I'm glad I ventured beyond the cities...it was so different. Highly recommend to anyone who has a few days so spare in Northern California. Be sure to do your research and plan ahead, wear comfy shoes and make all your calls before heading to the park. No service up there.

I was so amazed by the grandeur of the landscape that took its shape from glaciers centuries ago. So much to see and do, if only I had more time...I will definitely be going back!! Seriously contemplating hiking up to Half Dome the next time or visiting during the winter. 



  1. Love your pictures!! That trip is definitely on my bucket list!

  2. Looks like hicking shoes should be in your bucket list!!! :-)