Day 1 - Mixing Business with Pleasure

So my lovely pat down by TSA airport security was followed by a girl puking into a barf bag and a man clipping his finger nails...All of this within 10 ft of me, on a Boeing 7fortysomething in route from JAX --> DFW. But looking on the bright side, no crying babies! After a shitty morning I knew the rest of the day would end up being a good one. My speculations were correct...the drive down from San Jose to Monterey was quick and painless. My hotel accommodations are not too shabby and 17 Mile Drive is definitely something to rave about. Here's a sneak  peak:

Mission Ranch @ Carmel...gorgeous hotel!

The 18th...took me a while but I eventually found it...let's just say I "almost" crashed a wedding rehearsal trying to get there...It was worth it! Simply, amazingly, awesome!
The Lone Cypress
Oka off to get some zzzz's...Buenas noches!

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