Meet my TFT (The First Tee) Famila...

Throughout my career in the golf biz I've been fortunate enough to work for organizations that take pride in calling themselves "a familia". First, my PRGA family and most recently my TFT family. 

This past week was one of "mixed emotions"...filled with transitioning meetings, farewell activities, birthday fun, wine, 2 hr. lunches, scrapbooking, more wine, trainings, more meetings, belly laughs and tears  - as we said adios to one of our family members. 

I figured you heard me talk about these great people enough so here are some visuals...Enjoy! 

Looking over her farewell gift...7 years in 20 pages...not so easy to do!
Left to right: Joe, Laura O., Dan, Will and Guy
Chapter Opportunities & Education (CEO) = Our department...raising the bar...literally
Back row: Dan, Roberta, LD, Rachel
Front Row: Joe O., Trish, Laura O. & Sue
Here we are again
Others decided to join
Joe and I...
Laura O. and her Florida dad
"You have to work here 7 years, 3 months and 28 days to get this baby!"
Susie reading her letter to Laura O...
She made us laugh...
And she made us cry...
But overall we had a blast...and as you can see, the pictures got blurrier as the night went on
Waiter...can we have another round? 
You might want to clear the table too...
Can you tell this was my table?

Go shorty, it's your birthday...and I would have to say I partied like it was my birthday. 27 here we go!
And don't ask what I was doing in this picture because I don't remember that even happening.
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  1. LOVE the pictures Laura - thanks for sharing :)