Georgia (with Jax) on my mind

My peeps!

It's official...summer in Jacksonville has come to a close. I realized this last night when I was out for my good friends golden birthday party at AllGood. A place where happy hour extends PAST 7 pm...Another great reason to LOVEEE Athens.

Reality also set in when I woke up in the comfort of my own bed bug free bed with arms and legs actually on the bed and not on top of the nightstand or hanging from the side. Snuggling up in a twin sized bed for the past 3 months wasn't the easiest of things, especially when you're 6 ft tall. But I survived and it was awesome!

On Friday after work I came home to a sad/happy scene. An empty apartment full of great memories and good-bye notes. The girls had all left earlier in the week so I was lone the ranger. I would have to say that they did a great job at cleaning out their stuff. I think my verbal threatening & fridge "momos" (mom memos) payed off!

That's a parking ticket in the yellow...
The Diversity Cup...still standing strong in memory of a great summer
Anyways, now that you've met Rico, let me give you the story behind him...He was a gift from the funnest/coolest co-workers ever! Between the spuds, Fuzz and Rico we basically got zero work done on Friday. Good times...

This was definitely a highlight! It now hangs on my wall of fame at Harris Place 255
Here's Rico at the parking lot at TPC...we made a few pit stops before peacing out.

Not much left to say. Those of you that have followed my nonsense throughout the summer...thanks for reading! You're support does not go unnoticed. I will do my best to keep you entertained as you drink your morning coffee and scroll through my posts.

It's been fun reporting live from Jax (which is where I originally began writing this post) and I will miss the people I had the pleasure of bonding with, but now it's back to where it all started. Time to hit the books and see where the next few months take me. Stay tuned...



  1. I know you'll miss Jax, but Athens is sure glad to have you back!!

  2. I'm sooo excited to be back with my golden girls! hahaha