The end of an era...

The internship season is winding down so we had our official closing ceremonies last night. Here's a sneak peak of the action...

Carrying the Diversity Cup Torch...the official symbol of the 2010 Diversity Cup Beer Olympics

Diversity is what it's all about...Team Egypt representing

Egyptian Queens Pablo & Diaz...Oh yea and Courtney Zang from China in the way
China vs. Venezuela in the flip cup finals
The Class of 2010 holding up their Intern Superlative Awards
For those wondering...here's what the cards look like. I was awarded the "mama hen" superlative.

In the end, all I can say is that it was a great evening filled with inappropriate happenings.

Peace out,


  1. love it. I had so much fun, loved the "inappropriate happenings" mention. I'm going to miss my roomz so much!

  2. such a great post! I will second all of what leah said. :)