Es tiempo de cambiar...

I know, I know, a lot has gone on in my life recently and I have done a poor job at keeping you posted. Personally, I blame it on technology. Having an iPad has made me forget about my computer and sadly, my blog. But tonight I figured it was time to give my place in cyberspace some Tender-Loving-Care and this is what came out of it - a new template. It's a little on the minimalist side, but it should give all five of my readers a better appreciation of these photos that take me a very long time to upload and organize. The other site was getting old and as a friend pointed out to me today: "Laura, you should change your header, you're not in grad school anymore". So I thought, man you're right, I need to update that shit asap. 

So here I am, once again, starting from a new place. This time a little further south. Keep getting closer and closer to the island every time. Work is good, life is good. Just got back from a hectic week at the PR Open but I can't complain, had a blast seeing old friends and working with a great group of die hard volunteers. The looong days and short nights are catching up to me...This is it for tonight. Photos coming soon.


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