9 - The culmination experience

Today, my fellow sports management graduate program members and I had our internship oral exams/conversation about our experience. This basically means we completed the program successfully : )

So after we were done presenting to your professors (a.k.a talk about the internship for 15 minutes) we went to lunch at Mellow Mushroom for a mini celebration. A few of us had spirits while OTHERS just ate a slice of pizza and went back to work (LAME).

On another note - today also marked the end of my tutoring days at Rankin. In commemoration of this joyous occasion I put my Betty Crocker apron on and baked some brownies for my whiny/stressed out students. Made their day!

Brownie bites in mini-to-go boxes
Here's my friends/classmates/groupmates Nao and Anna - they were grinding out a business plan and I surprised them with some treats

So here's the day in pictures...

Kim and I @ Mellow (peace out points plus system, hello delicious pizza)
I went to the bookstore with Kim because she had to change her graduation gown - she's like 4'10' and apparently is was too short for her, WTF?
We ended up spending about an hour there...I even had time to snuggle in a UGA Snuggie!
Then we hit up the iMac's

Photobooth can be so much fun!

Now I'm sitting at my dining table, working on a take home final and having a nutritious evening snack: bolitas de queso con mayoketchup (las llevo racionando desde Thanksgiving)
English version: fried cheese balls dipped in a ketchup and mayonaise sauce (I've been rationing them since Thanksgiving)

It was a busy day, to say the least, but now it's time to hit the books and focus on what I'm really here for. I'm serious by the way.

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