It all started with a Kit Kat...

Those were the wise words spoken by a fellow member at my last WW meeting. She confessed how she bought candy "for the trick-or-treaters" (this was on Tuesday 10/26) but ended up eating it all herself!

Immediately after that I had a revelation...the phrase "it all started with a Kit Kat" stuck with me all day when suddenly I thought...IT'S TRUE! I mean, it totally does "start with a Kit Kat", the season of feasting that is. It all starts with a candy bar here and there the last week of October, then we move on to casseroles and pies the last week of November and by Christmas all those candy bars and pumpkin pies start feeling really comfortable right around the waistline.

This is when it all begins people...co-workers and clients start bringing deliciously evil treats to the office and you just haaave to try one. After work you make a quick stop by the grocery store where you just haaave to get a pack of those not-so-weight watchers approved 2 for 1 cookies and brownies placed on every isle. Meanwhile, that same night your friend invites you over so you can "try out her new recipe". The cycle is endless...

The season of feasting has officially begun.

So for all of us out there who are decreasing portion sizes and tirelessly counting every single point in the book in order to shed a few pounds in the midst of all this eating frenzy, all I can say is: GOOD LUCK!


PS: Don't forget your spanx!

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  1. Tis the season of fatness! Let the chubby kids rejoice!