Cubicle Chronicles Vol. 1

Hey peeps!! Oka so every now and then I will share some internship anecdotes with you...Here goes my first:
Oka so today as I sat peacefully at my desk my worst nightmare came true! My boss asked me to calculate ratios and percentages of ethnicity and gender for a project we are working on. She asked me to do math....math! You guys know very well math is not one of my strong points.
I automatically freaked out but maintained my cool because I did not want her to sense my fear. To top things off my Internet was down so I wasn't able to google percentages and ratios. I felt like I was taking the GRE all over again! I was even being timed because she needed those numbers for a meeting in like 15 mins.
Anyways, I took a few deep breaths, sucked it up, kept a straight face, used some brain activity and jumped right into those numbers. Fifteen minutes and lots of scribbling later I reported the numbers successfully!! I'm glad to report that I overcame my fear of ratios and percentages. I even overachieved and gave her more numbers than what she really needed...wheeww, it was a close call!
Miss u guys!! xoxo
Peace out,


  1. You need an office mate like me who does all my math for me. Because as you know...I too fear the math.

  2. hahaha!!! glad to hear I am not aloneeee